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How we fish

The Reelin crew that brings you over 100 years of fish producing experience. You can not find another crew that will work harder at finding customers fish. There are several subtle things that go into a successful fishing trip. From boat placement in the tide and lure or bait selection to tackle rigging and method selection; all based on weather, structure, and years of experience. Whether you join us for an inshore or offshore trip we will use various methods to maximize your opportunities for landing the once in a lifetime fish!

Inshore Fishing

We use three basic methods while fishing inshore - trolling, drifting, and surface casting, and with each method there are several variations.



Trolling is a very effective way of catching fish. It can be done with both experienced and novice anglers. When trolling, lines are dragged behind the boat with lures, umbrellas, or other bait designed to mimic bait fish swimming in the water. Some lures attract fish by themselves, and others need to be "jigged" to lure fish in. Trolling can be done on or below the surface.



When drifting, the boat is taken out of gear, and only the tide and surface waves determine the movement of the boat. Individuals hold their own rod and set the lines by themselves. It is very "hands-on" type of fishing.

Surface Casting


Surface casting is done with either spinning or fly rods, and is done when fish are feeding on or near the ocean surface. When you see fish and birds splashing, there is a good chance that you will be able to catch them using this technique. Casting does require some experience and skill, and is not for everyone, but when done correctly it can make for quite the adventure.

Offshore Fishing

We use two main types of methods while fishing offshore- trolling and chumming. Both of these methods can produce fish. Considerations such as the tide, fish feeding habits and time of day determine which one we may use.



We troll with up to 9 rods at a time using either actual fish rigged with hooks or lures. This method can be very exciting as large fish striking a lure can be a dramatic event. It is also common for us to hook up on multiple rods in a short interval which adds to the excitement on deck.



Chumming is done either anchored to the bottom or while we are a drift. While chumming, or "chunking", we set several lines in the water with live or dead fish (butterfish, mackerel, squid) deep below the ocean surface. We then create a "slick" from the boat of either cut-up or ground fish to attract the fish to the boat. This method can actually pull an entire school of fish to the boat and like trolling, it is not uncommon to hook up on multiple rods in a short interval.