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How to prepare for your trip

So you're armed and ready with rod, reel, bait and even something to carry your catch home. Remember to think about your comfort on the boat as well as your fishing experience.

What to Bring

While we do have a food preparation area for your use, there is no restaurant or cook out in the middle of the water. Bring enough to eat and drink. We can arrange for catering at an additional cost, if you desire. This must be requested when you make your reservations. Even though it's warm on land, the temperature can be quite a bit lower on the water and rainy conditions can develop quite rapidly. Make sure you dress in layers and bring rain gear, even if good weather is predicted. Assuming the weather does stay nice, make sure you bring sunglasses, a hat with a visor, and sunscreen. Some sea-sickness pills are also a good idea, just in case. Finally, don't forget your camera, so you've got a record of the one that got away!

Here is our quick checklist to refer to as you pack:

  • Sun Block Lotion
  • Deck Shoes or Soft Sole Shoes
  • Foul Weather Gear
  • Motion Sickness Pills
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Food and Drink
  • Food Cooler
  • Plastic Bags for Fish/Fish Cooler


Remember that you are out on the water to have a great time. Carry on beer and wine is permitted. Having a good fishing experience also means not bringing too much alcohol to drink. A passenger who drinks too much may not only spoil trip for the group, but could well be a danger to others on board. The captain has the right and sole discretion to return to port should anyone become disorderly or drunk.

Getting a good nights sleep before you come aboard plays an essential part of being successful. You need a quick pair of hands and and agile mind to beat the fish. Too much to drink or not enough sleep can only hurt your chances. You also don't want to shorten your fishing time by spending it over the rail as both alcohol and sleep deprivation increase your chances for sea sickness.

Possession and/or use of illicit drugs while on board will not be tolerated. No firearms are allowed on board as it is a felony in NY waters.


Your mate plays an integral role in your fishing experience. From preparing your tackle & bait or helping you improve your fishing technique, your mate will help get your prize from the water to the deck. Your mate will also filet and package your fish on the way back to port. Mates are only compensated based on the tips from the customer. Tip for the mate is 15%-20% of trip total. This is normal and expected. Customers who fail to tip the mate less then the customary amount without good cause will be asked not to return.


While we can use our several years of experience to improve your chances of landing a trophy fish, it's important to note, we still haven't figured out how to control the weather. Changing weather conditions are part of fishing and we ask that you are prepared. We have provided the link below as a courtesy to give you an idea of how to dress etc. On the water it tends to be cooler then on land! Ultimately, the Captain has final say on what weather we fish in and trips will only be canceled or rescheduled for safety reasons. Rain is not a reason for a canceled trip. The fish don't care if they get wet! If the Captain cancels the trip due to weather and a new date can not be arranged, your deposit will be returned.